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Divert Living

" We are updating IG stories all the time, we stream on the go, we post and download everything because of the fantastic iVideo, they have 4G everywhere, we have an amazing service at Wi-Fi "

Jodie Dewberry

" I use the iVideo pocket wifi in every country where is available and Japan was the best out of the ones I've tried so far because you actually get 5G Wi-Fi, have that device is super helpful. "


" The entire weekend I was out and about over at stadium and making mil edits and doing stuff and my iVideo pocket wifi can be used so good on the bus, at the stadium and everywhere. "

How to get Cheap Internet While Travelling to Foreign Countries - iVideo Wifi

Philippines Pocket WiFi Smart 4G Unlimited Data

On our trip, the WiFi worked everywhere. We went to Puerto Galera, a small town on an island south of Luzon, and stayed on a boat for most of the trip. Still, we had WiFi the whole time!

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Singapore Pocket WiFi SingTel 4G LTE 1500MB/day

It was quick and easy to operate the device, just power on and search for the specific Wifi network on my phone to connect. Et voila! No more #FOMO (fear of missing out)!

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Staying Connected with the iVideo Pocket WiFi Hotspot

Taiwan WiFi CHT (Battery Upgrade) 4G LTE Unlimited Data

Throughout the trial, I was always provided with high-speed Internet. Streaming Netflix in HD, for example, worked a treat. It worked flawlessly in each of the cities I tried it in around the country.

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iVideo Pocket Wifi – Unlimited 4G LTE Data in USA and Canada!

USA WiFi T-Mobile 4G LTE Unlimited Data

The iVideo Pocket Wifi is a portable wifi device that can connect your smartphone, laptop or tablet to the internet. It is a super small and light device that fitted nicely in my handbag...

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iVideo Pocket WiFi Review

Philippines Pocket WiFi Smart 4G Unlimited Data

The unit itself is really easy to operate, even if you've never used a portable or pocket WiFi before. You simply press the center power button for a few seconds and wait for the battery icon's LED li

#ivideowifi #pocketwifi #wifi #travel #hotspot #internet

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