Wifi Type:Philippines Smart 3.75G LTE Pocket WiFi

I am most likely to recommend this to travelers for its reliable service to make most of their travel experience as they share the joy and excitement to the world.....more

Wifi Type: USA+Mexico+Canada T-Mobile 4G LTE Pocket WiFi Unlimited Data

It is also not as convenient since you have to physically pick up and return the device at the counter in Changi Airport.

There are other pocket wifi companies that provide rental of wifi devices too, but from what we see iVideo has the best prices. Do let us know in the comments below if you come across cheaper alternatives....more

Wifi Type: AU 4G LTE Pocket WiFi

Hey, it's Daphne! Last Holy Week, I went to Japan with my whole family. Traveling can be fun, but if you don't have internet, that's a deal breaker. And because I had school work to do and emails to answer back to, I make sure to go online whenever I can and share posts on social media without paying a lot for data roaming. In our world today, being connected is very important and I personally can't get through without having internet 24/7. Good thing we found iVideo.......more

Wifi Type: Japan Softbank 501hw 4G LTE Pocket WiFi Unlimited Data

Yeah, this is my first honeymoon trip to Japan after my marriage ceremony on 18th April 2017. I was so excited and did my preparation 1 weeks in advance. The opportunity came and I get to witness the beautiful Cherry Blossom (Sakura) in Japan.......more

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