How To Pick Up and Return? Choose the icon which you picked up in the store.

Taiwan Pickup & Return

Japan Pickup & Return

USA Pickup & Return


♦7- ELEVEN Pickup Instruction

Just tell the store clerk the key word iVideo and show your passport.
※Please keep the new iVideo return bag for returning。

♦7- ELEVEN ibon Return Instruction

When you return, please go to the kiosk called ibon of any 7-11 first.

Click the following button 「代碼輸入」first, then input the returning number in the bar.

Take the wifi in the new bag and 「7-ELEVEN交貨便服務單」 together to the clerk.

※You can find the returning number at the e-mail we sent to you or on the sheet of paper along with the WiFi router (as shown in the step 6). If you cant find the returning number, please contact us ASAP.

Below are the 8 steps to operate the kiosk of 7-11 for returning.

【If you don't have the returning number, or ibon shows that the returning numberdoes not work, please check your email for a new returning number. This Email will be sent at AM 00:01 of the returning day.】

♦OK Mart or Hi-Life Pickup/ Return Instruction

※ OK convenience store: you must return it to the same OK store where you picked it up.
Hi-Life convenience store: you may return it to any Hi-Life store nationwide.

1. Hi-Life and OK convenience store deliveries are sent in midnight. 
Convenience store pick-ups required ID check when they hand in your package.
You may inform the sells you are picking a package from "iVideo", in case they could not find one by your name.
2. The sells are going to hand you in the package with a bag we provided specifically for our routers.
3. You would need to sign on the pick-up receipt 
4. Please well keep the bag of router and the pink pre-paid receipt provided, you will need them when return.

1. Place the router back in the bag provided, the pink receipt into the clear section on the outside of  the bag,
close the zip, and stick on.
2. Hand in to the sells in convenience store, scan the bar code.
3. Keep the receipt.

♦Pelican Pickup/ Return Instruction

♦Japan Post Office Pickup/ Return Instruction

♦T-Cat Service Counter Pickup/ Return Instruciton

♦T-Cat Delivery Service Pickup/ Return Instruciton

♦Taiwan iVideo Store Pickup/ Return Instruction

♦Japan iVideo Store Pickup/ Return Instruction

♦UPS Pickup Instruction


♦USPS Return Instruction