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  1. How far in advance should I place my order?

    To ensures availability, we recommend placing your order as soon as possible. For last minute orders, the order placement deadline is TWO business days before your start date. (Hokkaido, Kyushu, Aomori-ken, Akita-ken is THREE days before the start date.)

  2. How do I pick up / return my device?

    (1) Pick up at your airport post office during opening hours. A prepaid return envelope will be sent with your device.
    (2) Pick up at your selected address (ex: hotel) present your passport or ID for pick up. A prepaid return envelope will be sent with your device.
    (3) Pick up in person at the iVideo Asakusa Store or iVideo Osaka Umeda Store.
    (4) Pick up at your selected Lawson Convenience Store. A prepaid return envelope will be sent with your device.

    - There are two ways to pick up your device at a Lawson convenience store.
    A. Pick up WiFi device by scanning the barcode, which can be found in the email sent by Sagawa Express.
    B. Pick up WiFi device using Loppi kiosk Machine with pickup/tracking number and password sent by Sagawa Express.

    *** Please note you should receive 2 emails from iVideo & Sagawa Express respectively closer to your rental start date.
    *** If you didn't receive these 2 emails, you can also check your tracking number via "My account" > "Rental History" on iVideo website using the free wifi in Japan's airports. According to the tracking number & password (3708116), you can pick up Wifi device using Loppi kiosk Machine.
    *** Make sure your email address is valid and complete.

    (1) Place the device and all accessories into the prepaid return envelope and drop it into any red postbox located across Japan before 11:59PM.
    (2) Drop off the device at iVideo Asakusa Store or iVideo Osaka Umeda Store.
    (3) Other shipping methods will be at your cost.

  3. Is there an additional shipping fee for residential delivery?

    Yes, the shipping fee would be an additional $8.

  4. Does the shipping fee include return shipping?

    Delivery and return service are included in the shipping fee. A shipping envelope with a prepaid label will be shipped with your device. If the return envelope is lost, return shipping will be at your own expense.

  5. What should I do if I cannot return my device on time in Japan?

    There are post offices and red post boxes at the airport before you walk through security. If you leave Japan with the device without notifying us, you must return it at your own expense. Extra day rental fees and/or the loss of your device we will result in a requested payment on your credit card.

  6. My package has not arrived at the desired address/Pick up location. What should I do?

    Please contact us ASAP.
    iVideo Customer Support
    TEL: 1-856-602-2234 M-F 9AM - 4PM EST

  7. Can I drop the return envelope at any mailbox?

    Yes, you can drop your return envelope at any red mailbox or drop it off at your local post office.

  8. Can I drop it into a mailbox on weekends or public holidays?

    Yes. post offices in Japan are open 7 days a week and public holidays are included. Please refer to the time stamp on the return shipping label on your return envelope. you must drop/return the envelope and its contents no later than your rental period.

  9. How to select Lawson Convenience Stores in Japan?

    Follow the 4 steps here after selecting "Lawson Convenience Store (Okinawa excluded)". You can translate the first three steps but not the forth, otherwise the "confirm" button won't work.


Valid until 1/22/2019.

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Valid until 1/22/2019.

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