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About iVideo

iVideo is an online rental service company established and headquartered in Taiwan since 1999. Slowly building its clientele over a number of years, iVideo has become one of the top WiFi rental companies worldwide.

How iVideo was founded?
The owner was on vacation and just wanted to update his Facebook status. However he couldn't find any wifi hotspot with strong signal and secure connection. He believed that no one should ever have to deal with this hassle while on vacations. Hence the idea of providing high quality and safe WiFi rental service for all travelers. iVideo started by offering WiFi rental services to customers who want to stay connected in Taiwan. Then the company expanded to Japan in 2015 and to the US in 2016. iVideo now offers WiFi coverage in over 150 countries. The company is proud to receive supports from its own reliable pick-up/ return system and its Customer Service Team.

From navigation in different cities to downloading emails for work, iVideo has you covered at the best price available. Looking to rent a mobile hotspot for a long trip? No Problem! iVideo offers monthly rental plans with no contracts needed at all!