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  1. What is eSIM ?

    eSIM (Embedded SIM Card) is a virtual SIM card, the users can use the internet service provided by the telecom company with the virtual SIM card. In this way, the users will not need to insert the real and physical SIM card into the devices.

  2. How to apply the eSIM to my cell phone ?

    Please apply the eSIM with the QR Code and process the inner setting to activate the eSIM in your cell phone.

    Procedures for applying eSIM:

    • 1.Order your eSIM from eSIM section on our website
    • 2.You will receive an email with an QR code within 3 minutes
    • 3.In the same email, you will also receive a confirmation code. Click here for eSIM  Quick start guide
    • 4.Add eSIM to your eSIM capable device.
    • 5.Activate the data plan in your selected country
  3. Can I apply the eSIM to different devices ?

    No, the eSIM can only be applied in only one device, and the activation code will be invalid after the eSIM is registered in your current device.

  4. Can I apply eSIM and the physical SIM into my cell phone at the same time ?

    You can apply the eSIM and the physical SIM into your cell phone at the same time, as long as the device is compatible for eSIM.

  5. How do I know whether the eSIM is compatible with my cell phone ?

    Devices Supported for eSIM

    *Please confirm if your device supports eSIM before purchase

       Verify if your device is compatible with eSIM on your own. For instance, you can directly contact your carrier to confirm eSIM compatibility.

       Method 1: Dial *#06# on your phone. If EID appears, it means your phone supports eSIM functionality.

       Method 2: Check if you can find Celluar > SIMs > Add eSIM on your phone settings.

    *Not applicable to PC computers, sim-locked phones, modified phones.


    • eSIM Supported Phones List

      Brand Model
      Apple iPhone SE series, iPhone XS series, iPhone XR series, iPhone 11~15 series

      Samsung Galaxy S series , Samsung Galaxy Z series, Samsung Galaxy Fold,
      Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series

      The Samsung phones purchased in Taiwan only Galaxy Z Flip supports eSIM functionality, while the other models do not support it.

      Google Google Pixel 4~8 series
      Huawei Huawei P40 series
      OPPO Find X3 Pro, OPPO Find X5 series
      Motorola Motorola Razr 2019, Motorola Razr 5G
      Sony Xperia 10 V,Xperia 10 Ⅳ,Xperia 10(Ⅲ) lite
      Motorola Mobility razr 5G,Motorola Razr 2019,Motorola Razr 5G,Motorola Razr 40
      Motorola Razr 40 Ultra,Motorola Razr+
      Rakuten Mobile Rakuten Mini
    • eSIM Supported Devices List

      Brand Model
      Apple Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series (3~8)
      Samsung Galaxy Watch series
    • eSIM Supported Tablets List

      Brand Model
      iPad Pro 11 inch (Gen1~)
      iPad Pro 12.9 inch (Gen3~)
      iPad Air (Gen3~)
      iPad (Gen7~)
      iPad mini (Gen5~6)
      ASUS TransBook Mini T103HAF-LTE
      ASUS TransBook Mini T103HAF-GR079LTE
      Microsoft Surface Pro X
      Panasonic CF-LV9WTYQP

    Device support may differ between countries/regions. Please consult device manufacturer to confirm if your device can support eSIM.

    List of APN / Carries / Data reset time for eSIM


  6. Does the eSIM's validity period start to count once it is applied to the phone?

    The eSIM will not be activated by applying it to the phone. The validity starts counting after you activate the eSIM in your destination country.

    Please note that only Thailand eSIM needs to be applied after landing locally, or the validity starts right after being applied.

  7. What is the data limitation of eSIM ?

    The data limitation will be based on the data plan you purchased, once you have reached your daily data usage limit, the internet speed will automatically be throttled or cut off, depending on the data plan that you purchase.

  8. Can I terminate the service if the speed or connection is not smooth as expected ?

    Please kindly note that the service can not be cancelled or refunded once you receive the QR code in the eSIM order confirmation

  9. Can I use hotspot and share the data to other devices with eSIM ?

    Yes, the data can be shared to other devices with hotspot.

  10. Is the eSIM attached with a phone number ? Can the eSIM used for phone call or SMS ?

    Please kindly note that the eSIM only contained with internet data, it will not attach with a phone number nor voice call / SMS service

  11. Will I be charged an extra procedure fee /activation fee for eSIM ?

    The total amount you need to pay is the selling price of eSIM. No activation fee /procedure fee will be charged.

  12. I have a new phone/tablet. How do I transfer my Global eSIM over from my old device?

    The eSIM can not be transferred to other devices once it is applied on your current device.

  13. I accidentally delete my Global eSIM from my device, can I reinstall it?

    If you accidentally delete the installed eSIM within it's validity period (refer to the iVideo eSIM order notification email), you can reinstall it by scanning the QR code, with a limit of 5 times. Note: Reinstallation is only permitted on the original device and cannot be transferred.

  14. After placing the order, what is the email title of the order completed email (with QR CODE)?

    eSIM Infomation and Quick start guide

  15. How do I Apply to unlock my phone or device ? 

    If your phones or other devices are contract-bound or locked, please refer to the following solutions.

    • 1. Please contact your carrier to unlock your phones or devices.
    • 2. If you have paid all fees of your phones or devices from the carrier, you can try to contact the company to permanently unlock them.
  16. I purchased more than one eSIM of the same data plan, why didn't I receive an email with an ORcode, but an Excel file? 

              If you purchase more than one eSIM of the same data plan, you will receive an email with an Excel file. Please check the colum of【DownloadURL】, and you will be able to see the QRcode by clicking the links. Then, please follow the instructions to install the eSIMs.