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iVideo Returns USA & JAPAN Local FBA Services

iVideo Returns serves as your domestic partner in the USA and Japan for returns, shipping, and logistics. We provide customized services, such as FBA returns, items inspection, photo-taking, re-labeling, forwarding packages, disposal, etc.

iVideo Returns can optimize the return process and the aftermarket activities for online retailers. Our warehouses cover the USA and Japan and offer local return addresses so that sellers and buyers can have a seamless return experience.

iVideo Returns can help sellers who have encountered the following problems:

1. What should I do if the inventory exceeds the allowable limit of Amazon (FBA) warehousing? 

You can adjust FBA inventory level by sending products to iVideo Returns' warehouse to leave space for new products and replenish Amazon FBA inventory again when needed. 

2. What should I do if my products are considered non-sellable due to unclear labels and incorrect weight? What should I do if the returned items are in good condition, but packages don't fit the selling standard sizes? 

iVideo Returns can help you to inspect items, re-label, repackage and resend items back to FBA.

3. What should I do if buyers want to return or exchange items on different ecommerce platforms ? 

iVideo Returns can help to deliver exchanged items to buyers. We can also help to deliver FBA returned items to buyers if sellers choose to resell items on other ecommerce platforms.  

4. What should I do if I want to dispose of returned items from FBA? 

Sellers can temporarily store the returned items in iVideo Returns' warehouse. Or, if sellers don't want to resell the items, we can provide our disposal service.



iVideo Returns USA and Japan FBA Services including: 


✓ Counting service of receiving returned items 

✓ Counting service of re-sending items 

✓ Returned items inspection from FBA

✓ Returned items inspection from buyers  

✓ Inventory checking 

✓ Re-labeling 

✓ Re-packaging 

✓ Picking items and warehousing 

✓ Delivery to buyers 

✓ Items exchange for buyers 

✓ Bulk recall 

✓ Disposal





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Counting & checking service of receiving returned items
Counting service of re-sending items
Returned items inspection from FBA
Returned items inspection from buyers
Inventory checking
Re-labeling & Re-packaging
Picking items and warehousing
Delivery to buyers
Items exchange for buyers