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Tokyo Lens

" I have been using iVideo for my travels in Japan and overseas for several years now. I have used it all throughout Japan from major cities, to countryside villages, and it is my go-to device for live streaming. I have recommended it to people for years, and still do to this day. "


" I have been using iVIdeo's Japan WiFi device. Their device is really impressive since the connection is very smooth in rural area as well. It is very convenient and the rental price is cheaper than other companies.Recently I am also considering to buy a WiFi router from iVideo. They have many data packages, which includes Europe, America, Japan,etc. "

Best IRL streaming Internet Helper! By iVideo Portable Wifi

Japan WiFi Softbank 304ZT Unlimited Data in 4G LTE (Monthly Only)

I am an IRL (In Real Life) streamer living in Osaka, Japan. I travel around and show Japan to viewers around the world over at twitch.tv/beeboboop IRL streaming at the quality and reliability that I


2021-04-08 READ MORE

Memorable Honeymoon At Japan With iVideo Portable Wifi

Japan WiFi 501HW 100GB/month in 4G LTE Speed

Yeah, this is my first honeymoon trip to Japan after my marriage ceremony on 18th April 2017. I was so excited and did my preparation 1 weeks in advance. The opportunity came and I get to witness.....


2017-05-09 READ MORE

iVideo Pocket WiFi review in OSAKA/KYOTO

Japan WiFi 304 4G LTE Unlimited Data

I definitely love the WiFi speed and connectivity. One of these WiFi can be used for up to 10 gadgets… and my daughter used it to check on her college reports and chats as well, besides updating her..

#TRAVELWIFI #4G #POCKETWIFI #OSAKA #KYOTO #WIFI #TRAVEL #REVIEW #SOFTBANK #iVideo #Japan #travel #internt #tour #hotel #airline #Taiwan

2017-05-09 READ MORE

iVideo Pocket Wifi – Unlimited 4G LTE Data in USA and Canada!

USA WiFi T-Mobile 4G LTE Unlimited Data

The iVideo Pocket Wifi is a portable wifi device that can connect your smartphone, laptop or tablet to the internet. It is a super small and light device that fitted nicely in my handbag...

2017-10-17 READ MORE

Staying Connected with the iVideo Pocket WiFi Hotspot

Taiwan WiFi CHT (Battery Upgrade) 4G LTE Unlimited Data

Throughout the trial, I was always provided with high-speed Internet. Streaming Netflix in HD, for example, worked a treat. It worked flawlessly in each of the cities I tried it in around the country.

2017-11-03 READ MORE
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