Japan Sim Free 50GB/mo.$20/mo.VALID UNTIL 2022-08-09SEE DETAILS

Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand SIM Card 4G LTE 1000MB/day (4~30 days)

Sale : $20.6$15.6

Extra day : $3.4 /day


  • 3-in-1 SIM size (Nano, Micro, Normal for all unlocked devices)
  • Unlimited data 1000MB/day in 4G speed
  • No contract. No activation fee. 
  • Flexible period (4~30 days)
  • Tethering available for Android & iOS system (9.0 version and above excluded)
  • Data only Package - Voice call & SMS not available
  • 100% refundable
  • Easy to use: Insert, Activate, Surf
  • Enhence your travel experience by renting a pocket wifi

Product Introduction

iVideo SIM card allows you to enjoy high speed unlimited internet from 4 to 30 days. For plans over 4 days, pay the fee for every extra day. 



・Accessories:SIM card packaged bag、Sim Card Tray Eject Pin Needle

・APN applied:mobile.three.com.hk

・Valid time to use:Active in 170 days after you pick up

 .  Notice! Sim card will be activated once it is inserted in your mobile phone at the destination.

Data Usage Guidelines

Unlimited internet with Daily Fair Usage Policy applies. Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand: 1000MB in 4G speed - throttled speed of up to 128kbps unlimited data afterwards. You will resume your 4G high-speed data the next day according to local time. You will be charged with roaming fee if you use the device outside the corresponding country. We suggest you turn off the device when not in use, and turn off auto-update and auto-backup functions on your phones and tablets. How do I turn off auto-update & auto-back on my mobile devices?

User Manuals

【How do I know if the SIM card works for my phone】

・Benchmark:Please check if your phone supports the frequency of this SIM card. Actual usage status may vary according to the apps installed on your phone or your phone type.

Please confirm your phone details before purchasing SIM cards as there are many different features which aren't supportive for our product like own brand phone, China brand phone, JB phone, unlock phone, or etc. Or you can try Japan Pocket Wifi

・Some dual SIM phone aren't suitable for this SIM card. If you are using a dual SIM mobile phone, we suggest you insert the SIM card in port 1. If you need two SIM cards, please select port 1 as default for internet data.

・Unsuitable for locked phones

NOTE:iPhone 4, and etc below are not supportive



・Internet data within Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand only

・Extension or terminating the service in advance are not available

・If there's a connection problem, please restart your phone or move to another location and try again.

If you didn’t use the product and it still in the valid date, or the product wasn’t working or the activation failed, please send it back to us on your behalf. We will provide a full refund after we confirm there's no data usage from the SIM card that you purchased.

. Please read the specifications before you purchase.

・According to Consumer Protection Act, customers have 7 days to return the product intact to us. The shipping fee will be on your own expense.