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Global WiFi 86 Countries Unlimited Data 500MB/day in 4G speed

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Daily Rent


  • Works in 86 countries
  • Unlimited data 500MB/day in 4G speed
  • Connect 5 devices at a time
  • Stable internet when crossing countries
  • Cheaper than roaming
  • Pay for what you use, no extra fee
  • Enhance your connectivity with an unlimited 4G SIM card

Product Introduction

Global Pocket Wi-Fi gives you access to 4G high-speed internet in 86 countries without additional roaming costs. This portable wifi device allows you to connect up to 5 mobile devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

*Please restart while crossing the countries in order to update the local carrier's signal.

*Due to the low installation of cell sites in some area, the device will automatically connect to 3G if there is no 4G cell site support available. The signal strength still depends on their perception of the located area.

Data Usage Guidelines

*The data usage is 500MB/day. When you reach 500MB, the connection speed will decelerate to 128 Kbps.  Shut down and fully charge the device before GMT+8 00:00, then the data will be reset to the daily usage after that.


*According to the regulations of different telecommunications companies, pocket WiFi and SIM card might unable to support some APP downloads and updates. 

All users must follow The International Fair Usage Policy. We suggest you turn off the device when not in use, and turn off auto-update and auto-backup functions (such as push mail) on your phones and tablets, and off-line or log out the website after browsing. If the cellular company detects that the excessive amount of data were consumed in a short period of time, they have the right to lower or disconnect your connection speed without notifying iVideo in advance. There will be no refunds or compensation if this occurs.

 How do I turn off auto-update & auto-backup on my mobile devices?


iVideo Global Pocket WiFi supports 4G high-speed data in all 86 countries listed below.

86 Countries
Belgium 、 France 、 Ireland 、 Luxembourg 、 Netherland 、Monaco 、 UK
Austria 、 Croatia 、 Czech 、 Germany 、 Hungary 、 Liechtenstein 、 Poland 、 Slovakia 、 Switzerland 、 Slovenia 、 Turkey 、 Russia
Vatican City 、 Bulgaria 、 Cyprus 、 Greece 、 Italy 、 Portugal 、 Romania 、 Spain 、 San Marino
Estonia 、 Latvia 、 Lithuania
Denmark 、 Finland 、 Iceland 、Norway 、 Sweden、 Åland Islands、Ukraine
Canada 、 Mexico 、 USA 、 Puerto Rico 、 Colombia 、 Uruguay 、 Argentina 、 Brazil 、 Costa Rica 、 Peru 、 Venezuela 、 Panama
Fiji 、 Australia 、 New Zealand 、 Guam 、 Saipan
Egypt 、 South Africa 、 Kenya 、 Western Sahara 、 Ghana 、 Nigeria 、 Algeria、Morocco
Japan 、 South Korea 、 Vietnam 、 China 、 Indonesia 、 Hong Kong 、 Macao 、 Thailand 、 Sri Lanka 、 Kazakh 、 Philippines 、 Singapore 、 Malaysia 、 Cambodia 、 India 、 Pakistan 、 Bengal 、 Nepal 、 Outer Mongolia
Middle East
Israel 、 Saudi Arabia 、 United Arab Emirates 、 Bahrain

Device Description

  • LTE 4G/3G/2G.

    LTE-FDD Band:1/2/3/4/5/7/8/9/17/19/20

    LTE-TDD Band38/39/40/41

  • GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz.
  • Weight:About 240g
  • Dimension:About 126.5(W) ×65(H) ×19(D) mm
  • Operation time:About 15 hours (Actual time of using the service may be affected by the personal situation)
  • Battery capacity:5350mAh


Output port:Micro USB
AC Input Voltage: 120V, US Standard 2-Flat-Pin Charger+Universal 2-Prong European Adapter. (Cannot be used in the UK, Italy, or Switzerland).


You will be held responsible for damaged or lost products and accessories below (prices included).  If the goods are lost, but found and return within 14 days, the payment can be refunded. If the goods are found for more than 14 days, it will not be accepted for return and no refund will be made.

  • Pouch: $6
  • Device: $169
  • Charger: $6
  • Cable: $3