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World Basic eSIM 4G Speed 5 GB in 36 Countries (30 days)

Sale : $61


  • Works in 36 World Basic countries
  • 5GB data in 4G speed for 30 days. 
  • Compatible with eSIM phones and tablets 
  • No hassle of changing SIM cards
  • Instant Activation
  • No contract. No activation fee.
  • Data only. Voice call & SMS not available

Devices Supported for eSIM

    *Please confirm if your device supports eSIM before purchase

  • 【iPhone】:iPhone XR, iPhone Xs,iPhone XS Max,iPhone 11,iPhone 11 Pro,iPhone 11 Pro Max,iPhone SE(2 gen),iPhone 12 Mini,iPhone 12,iPhone 12 Pro,iPhone 12 Pro Max,iPhone 13,iPhone 13 mini,iPhone 13 Pro,iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • 【Samsung】:Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, Samsung Galaxy Fold,
    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G, Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G,Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, Samsung Galaxy S21 + 5G, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G,Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20 +,Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • 【Oppo】:Oppo Find X3,Oppo Find X3 Pro,Oppo Reno5 A,Oppo A73
  • 【Others】:Sony Xperia 10 III Lite,HUAWEI P40 Pro 5G,ASUS TransBook Mini T103HAF-LTE,ASUS TransBook Mini T103HAF-GR079LTE,Motorola Mobility razr 5G,Microsoft Surface Pro X,パナソニック CF-LV9WTYQP,楽天モバイル Rakuten Mini
  • 【iPad】:iPad Pro11 inch ,iPad Pro 12.9 inch (3rd gen),iPad Air (3rd gen),iPad mini (5th gen)
  • 【Apple Watch】:Apple Watch S7,Apple Watch S6,Apple Watch SE,Apple Watch S3,Apple Watch S4

Supported device list is subject to change. Device support may differ between countries/regions. Please consult device manufacturer to confirm if your device can support eSIM.

Product Introduction

iVideo ASIA eSIM allows you to enjoy 5GB of 4G high-speed internet in 36 World Basic countries for 30 days.

How to use

  1. Place your order​. Find the order details in the order list
  2. You will receive an eSIM QR Code in your email within 24 hours. Please kindly find the email and follow the written instructions to activate your data plan. 
  3. Install eSIM on your phone (QR Code has 180 days validity)
  4. Activate at the data plan coverage country
  5. Click here for more details: eSIM FAQ


  • Network is needed whilst scanning QR code
  • One eSIM device can save 8 eSIM profile at the meantime
  • Confirmation Code will be destroyed after incorrect input of 7 times
  • If the eSIM is deleted from your device, it will cannot be restored and will not be refunded.
  • If there's a connection problem, please restart your phone or move to another location and try again.
  • If the product wasn't working or the activation failed, please contact us. 
  • Please note that data package cannot be cancelled or refund after your purchase. 
  • Check Coverage here:
    Greece, Netherlands, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Ireland, Albania, Malta, Turkey, Canada, United States, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Korea, China Mainland (No need for Internet censorship circumvention), Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Australia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, Ghana, DR Congo , Tanzania, Mozambique, Lesotho, South Africa. 

Data Usage Guidelines

All users must follow The International Fair Usage Policy. We suggest you turn off auto-update and auto-backup functions on your phones and tablets. If the cellular company detects that an excessive amount of data were consumed in a short period of time, they have the right to lower or disconnect your connection speed without notifying iVideo in advance. There will be no refunds or compensation if this occurs.