Canada Fido 4G LTE Pocket WiFi 800MB/Day

Canada Fido 4G LTE Pocket WiFi 800MB/Day
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Daily Rent


Canada Fido 4G LTE Pocket WiFi 800MB/Day​. The Mobile Wifi can support 10 WiFi-enabled mobile devices. Use pocket WiFi to avoid the expensive roaming fee.
According to the International Fair Usage Policy, it simply means that you cannot stream video or use excessively large amounts of data for more than short periods at a time. We strongly suggest you close the automatically updates and icloud backup services on your devices If you unable connect to the WiFi due to the International Fair Usage Policy, there will no refund and compensation.
Due to the temperature varies much from indoor to outdoor, please do not trun on the device when zero degrees Celsius. Otherwise the battery will running out fast. *The coverage can check from the website of the telecom companies. The stability and speed depends on the base stations of the telecom companies. Click here to check the coverage of Fido.
Data Limit
Data limit is 800MB per day. When the WiFi runs out, it will automatically disconnect to avoid expensive roaming fee from Telecom Company. It will restore next day.
About Pickup &  Return


If the products you rented are returned damaged or lost you will be charged. Please refer to the table below for compensation.

Items Case Device Charger Cable SIM Card
Compensation for loss or damage (USD)


155 6 3 31
FD-LTE : B1 2100 / B20 800 / B8 900 / B3 1800 / B7 2600
3G UMTS : B1 2100 / B8 900
GSM : 900 / DCS1800
4G LTE DL up to 100Mbps
4G LTE UL up to 50Mbps
Weight:About 105g
Dimension:About 70(W)×70(H)×16.6(D)mm
Opeartion time:10 hours
Standy time:300 hours
Charging time:AC: 4 hours
USB: 6hours
Battery capacity:3000mAh
Up to 10 devices can be connected at the same time.
Output port:Micro USB
Input Voltage:110V