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New Zealand + Australia WiFi Unlimited Data 1GB/day (Daypass)

Sale : $8$4.4

Pay attention! Daypass data is exclusively for iVideo 4G Roam WiFi hotspot


  • Work in Zealand and Australia
  • Daypass with lower price than rental wifi and roaming
  • Enjoy the unlimited data in Travel x Business and Game playing & chatting


  1. Restart to update the carrier when crossing countries
  2. The device will automatically connect to 3G when the 4G signal of local carrier is weak.
  3. Daypass is not supportive for some APP downloads and updates according to the regulations of different carriers.
  4. To maintain the quality of connection, the internet speed may slow down or unable to continue in busy or poor connection area. In addition, the network speed will be different depending on the region.

Data Usage Guidelines

All users must follow The International Fair Usage Policy. We suggest you turn off the device when not in use, and turn off auto-update and auto-backup functions on your phones and tablets. If the cellular company detects that an excessive amount of data were consumed in a short period of time, they have the right to lower or disconnect your connection speed without notifying iVideo in advance. There will be no refunds or compensation if this occurs.