Japan Sim Free 90GB/MO. $18/mo.VALID UNTIL 2021-12-04SEE DETAILS

Japan WiFi 50GB in 4G LTE Speed (Data Package)

Sale : $57.3$31.5


  • Buy it and top up online at anytime & anywhere
  • 4G LTE wide coverage in Japan
  • Enjoy the 50GB data when traveling, working, playing games or chatting
  • If your wanted data package is not listed in the "Coverage area" below , please contact our customer service. 

*Please note that this is Japan data package available for the following two devices: 

RENT WIFI Japan WiFi 100GB/30 days in 4G LTE speed From the Start Date, the validity of the data package is 30 days but please note that after the End Date of the device, the data package will be unavailable. Please check the picture below.
BUY WIFI iVideo 4G Roam WiFi hotspot You own the device so the validity of the data package is 30 days.

For customers having rented Japan WiFi 100GB/30 days in 4G LTE speed and wanting to buy the data package, please check the picture below to understand the validity of the data package:


  1. The usage data is 50GB. If you reach 50GB, the WiFi service will be disconnected.
  2. The data will be activated in 1-3 mintues after you place the order.
  3. Daypass is not supportive for some APP downloads and updates according to the regulations of different carriers.
  4. Due to the low installation of cell sites in different cities, the Internet speed might automatically turn to 3G if there is no 4G cell site support available. The signal strength still depends on their perception of the located area.