Japan Sim Free 100GB/mo.$23/mo.VALID UNTIL 2022-01-22SEE DETAILS

iVideo 4G Roam WiFi hotspot


  • Get the iVideo 4G Roam WiFi hotpsot now coming with the credit $10. Or you can get the premium version to get more credit 25$ in iVideo.
  • Buy your own Hotspot to enjoy the secure Daypass with lower price than rental wifi and roaming and all pros below.
  • No wait time for pick-up and return, save your shipping fee, and top up online at anytime, anywhere.
  • Different data plans provided by local carriers are customized to your destination up to 137 countries, and you can also share the internet up to 5 devices.

How to get seamless WiFi with Daypass

  1. Place an order of Hotspot.
  2. After receiving the Hotspot, you will get the number of TSID on the Hotspot .
  3. Purchase the Daypass based on the countries with your TSID online.
  4. The WiFi service will be activated at 00:00. by the selected date you purchase for (local time).
  5. The internet service will be activated in 5 mins after immediate purchase. Enjoy the most affordable price in the world and seamless connection..
  6. Up to 137 countries you can enjoy the internet with hotspot.


  • WCDMA: 1/2/4/5/8 FDD-LTE
  • Band:1/2/3/4/5/7/8/17/18/19/20/26
  • LTE-TDD Band:38/39/40/41 HSPA+/UMTS: 850/900/1700/1900/2100MHz.
  • Weight:About 190g Dimension:About 126(W) ×68(H) ×16.5(D) mm
  • Operation time:About 12-14 hours (Actual time of using the service may be affected by the personal situation) Battery capacity:5000mAh


120V, US Standard 2-Flat-Pin Charger.